Recruiting Overload: The Opportunities

many hands shakingIt’s always great to be in demand. Getting one email and voicemail after another about positions that look intriguing, can be a great confidence-booster. If you’re feeling like you’re in a dead-end job and your career is going nowhere, having recruiters peppering your inbox with queries can really lift your spirits.

Suddenly, things don’t seem so bleak, anymore

It’s also great to touch base with folks who are actively recruiting, who have their finger on the pulse of the job market and can offer insights into where the best emerging opportunities are. Especially in the tech sector, where disruptive innovations are always on the rise, it’s all too easy to lose track of what’s going on outside your company. If you’re at a large multinational corporation with lots of legacy technology, you can find yourself tending systems that were considered end of life ten years ago. And if you like that job and have no interest in leaving, what incentive do you have to poke your head above the fence and look around?

Chatting with recruiters on a semi-annual basis can give you needed insights into where your industry is going. And that can actually help inform your career path at a company you have no intention of leaving.

You can never have too many quality contacts in the job-hunting space, and you never know where the relationship “gold” is buried, in the field of all those recruiters. I’ve learned more than I can say, from 20-minute conversations with recruiters while I was driving to work. And I’ve been placed by people I never in a million years would have sought out myself. They found me, and it worked out.

Email makes it so easy to collect contacts and keep a record of what they reached out to you for. You can create a folder in your email to store all recruiters’ info, and create a rule that automatically sends their queries to that folder. Then you can review them in batches as you please.