HI-5 the Headhunters

1. What’s a HI-5? (Video)

Welcome to HI-5 the Headhunters!

Today we’ll build a system that offloads your recruiter interactions with some simple tools that are free and that you probably use every day anyway.

So what is HI-5 ? HI-5 is a headhunter interceptor?

H-I is made up of five different components.

  1. your personal email account
  2. a HI-5 email with an autoresponder
  3. your resume
  4. file sharing / hosting, and
  5. your HI-5 message

It’s like a virtual assistant that runs interference for you with recruiters.

It saves you time and energy and it saves you the frustration of of your job search and your everyday life basically pre qualifies recruiters with good opportunities.

And it disqualifies those who are just prospecting.

It also helps to offload that information about updating your current status, availability interest, and it helps to qualify or disqualify you.

Recruiters need to know information about you. They need to know if you are interested in the job, if you’re available, what your salary ranges, what your criteria are, and so forth, and you need to give it to them.

Both of you are going to save time and energy and get the right correct data by using HI-5.