HI-5 the Headhunters

1. What’s a HI-5? (Transcript)

First off, you may be wondering what’s HI-5?

Well, it is, as the name says, a Headhunter Interceptor, and it’s mashed-up from five components.

Basically, it’s like a virtual assistant that handles a recruiter communications for you. So when headhunters reach out to you about a job opportunity, it responds to them for you with the correct information they need to connect you with better job opportunities, and it gives them the info that tells them what not to contact you about.

There are five components for this.

First, you have your personal email address.

Second, you have a dedicated HI-5 email address that you create and it’s going to have an autoresponder. Now, it can have forwarding but it absolutely positively has to have an autoresponder you’re going to have your resume and other candidate materials such as a cover letter or recommendations or where references, possibly a portfolio link.

We’re also going to have file sharing and hosting.

And the thing that brings it all together is your HI-5 message.

Now, what does all this does, as I mentioned, it’s it acts like a virtual assistant. It runs interference for you with recruiters.

So, really, it offloads the tedious but necessary work of informing recruiters about your current status, your availability and interests, and other pertinent details so you don’t have to keep it all in your head.

And if you’re already working, it saves you from having to have all those conversations yourself over and over again.