Recruitable is a suite of complementary tools and training designed to shorten the path between job seekers and positions which match their interests, skills, and capabilities. Recruitable  empowers participants on both sides of the recruiting process. to commence more efficient interactions, develop more productive relationships, and ultimately improve the quality of job matches.

It combines web-based tools with online and in-person training to empower current and prospective job seekers in the increasingly challenging (but highly rewarding) job market. It combines these offerings with recruiter utilities which integrate into placement professionals’ technical toolbox and applicant search process to help them find the candidates who are the most recruitablecps.

Recruitable Academy is a complementary training program which focuses on a narrowly targeted niche in the job-seeking process: the meeting point between recruiters and candidates. Much education and training is available for activities like picking a career, how to get educated or trained for that career path, how to write a resume and a cover letter, how to negotiate salary, and how to interview. But to date, there is no organized training material targeted specifically to job-seeker-recruiter interactions.

This needs exist all across the job-seeking spectrum. Whether it is in a college or university environment, a job-skills-building program, a vocational program, a special needs support organization, or social services, halfway house, early intervention, or other disabilities support organization, there is a pervasive lack of understanding and appreciation for the role that recruiters can play in the job search process, especially for members of at-need or at-risk populations.

Recruiters are particularly well positioned to assist members of vulnerable populations, in that they have networks, they have a professional connections, and they are highly social individuals who know how to connect with others. Plus, they are literally paid to find people good-fitting jobs. Individuals who have specialized, advanced skills, or who are more than capable of working, or may otherwise be valuable contributors, but have specific impediment in communication or organizational skills may be missing out on many opportunities, simply because they cannot present effectively to others who have expectations about their behavior. Individuals who have difficulty hearing, who have speech impediment, who have cognitive challenges, executive dysfunction, or other issues which prevent smooth and seamless interactions with hiring managers, can be missing out on great opportunities because they don’t get a chance to present their skills and abilities for what they are. Likewise, employers may be missing out on their skills and ability to contribute, simply because they don’t present well, they are not well-organized, and/or they don’t understand how the hiring process works.

Recruitable Academy addresses these needs by providing on-demand, self-paced training, as well as opportunities for personal interaction, which demystify the recruiting process and the people who recruits for a living. It tells potential job seekers what all is entailed, what they can reasonably expect, what to look out for, and it helps him to organize their thoughts and approach in Waze which are measured and supportive. After someone has worked through the program, they will not only know how to answer each of the questions asked, but they were also know why they answer the way they do. All of this is an invaluable form of practice that gets jobseekers the edge they need, when their interpersonal skills are lacking. Recruitable academy not only provides them with pre-defined messages to send to recruiters, but it also generate scripts that they can use to practice talking to hiring managers, recruiters, another staffing professionals.

The audio and video training provide opportunities for them to work through their ideas about what they want to do, how much they want to earn, when they want to start, and where they want to work. The live in person training involves role-playing, as well as practicing delivering the message to live people. Webinars give individuals to chance to practice there personal message out loud in front of others, and they can either get feedback or not get feedback from listeners. The goal and intention of record ready academy is to familiarize, acclimate, and build confidence and jobseekers for those occasions when they interact with people whose job it is to find them work.