hand holding iphone with appHave you recently graduated from college or university, and you’re not sure where to start with finding a job?

Recruitable helps you think through the requirements for your ideal situation, so you understand your own needs and can communicate them to recruiters and hiring managers. Whether you’re reaching out to them, or they’re contacting you about positions, Recruitable gives you what you need most: Clarity.

Use the app anywhere, to think through important questions like how much you want to earn, where you want to work, where you don’t want to work, when you start, and more.

Then craft your message to recruiters and hiring managers, so you can tell each and every one of them what you’re looking for, so you have the right kind of conversations and set the correct expectations.

Use your time wisely, and make the most of the opportunities ahead of you. Leverage Recruitable and get ahead of the job-hunting game.